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Cities during the Outbreak

Live updates COVID-19 from EUROCITIES

European cities respond to the coronavirus crisis.

Sounds from the global Covid-19 lockdown

Audio project charting sounds and stories of the pandemic by inviting anyone around the world to send in a sound recording during lockdown. Visitors to the site can listen to the sounds and read their accompanying stories on an interactive map: just click on a point to listen to the sound, and hit the “info” symbol to read the story behind it.

Cities Responses

Smart City Collaboration Framework for COVID-19 Response

Smart city collaboration framework for COVID-19 response: Best practices, use cases and solutions that others are using.

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🔗Local Government

Cultural Projects

Contagious Cities

Contagious Cities was an international cultural project around the global challenges of epidemic preparedness that ran from September 2018 to September 2019. It explored the outcomes of this cohabitation, and the relationship between microbes, migration and the metropolis and combined artist residencies, exhibitions, interactive experiences, events and broadcasts.

Post Pandemic


Appropedia, collaborative solutions in sustainability, appropriate technology, etc


What might happen to public spaces?

Empty Cities


Before and after coronavirus - scenes from the world's biggest cities, Barcelona, Paris, London, Vatican City, Milan, Berlin, NYC, New Delhi, Tel Aviv, Athens, Rio de Janeiro, Tunis, Johannesburg

When Everyone Stays Home: Empty Public Spaces During Coronavirus


The empty spaces by The Atlantic


On Mecca being empty 

Tehran- The Streets of Tehran Under Quarantine | The New Yorker

New York- The Streets of New York City Under Quarantine | The New Yorker

Rome- The Streets of Rome Under Quarantine | The New Yorker

Milan- The Streets of Milan Under Quarantine | The New Yorker

Pandemics and Architecture/Urbanism

What Makes an Office Building “Healthy” | Harvard Business Review


Urban Resilience