Digital Inclusion

Definitions and support for getting everyone online
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What is Digital Inclusion

Definition of digital inclusion (by NHS):

Digital skills: Being able to use digital devices (such as computers or smart phones and the internet. This is important, but a lack of digital skills is not necessarily the only, or the biggest, barrier people face.

Connectivity: Access to the internet through broadband, wifi and mobile. People need the right infrastructure but that is only the start.

Accessibility: Services need to be designed to meet all users’ needs, including those dependent on assistive technology to access digital services.

Digitally Excluded Parts of Population

Some sections of the population are more likely to be digitally excluded than others. These are:

  • older people
  • people in lower income groups 
  • people without a job 
  • people in social housing 
  • people with disabilities 
  • people with fewer educational qualifications excluded left school before 16
  • people living in rural areas
  • homeless people
  • people whose first language is not English

For more information on digitally excluded populations in the UK see the annual UK Consumer Digital Index from Lloyds Bank.

A Blueprint for a 100% Digitally Included Nation

By Good Things Foundation

Government support

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

Regular announcements and initiatives for telecommunications and digital support posted throughout the crisis.

UK Digital Strategy


NHS Digital Inclusion


Support for older people

Supporting digital inclusion locally


ExplorThe scale of digital exclusion in the UK; those who aren’t currently using the internet, how digital skills vary for different groups of the population and some of the barriers to digital inclusion.

Essential digital skills support for everyone


Getting the most vulnerable online during the COVID-19 crisis (including device and sim card donations and financial support).

AgeUK Digital Inclusion for the Elderly


Supporting Communities Digital Inclusion

Skills support for everyone in order to manage information, communicate, manage money, access support and government services. They work in partnership with the NI Direct Digital Inclusion Unit, their Digital Champion Initiative enhances the Go ON NI programme.

Scottish Gov – mobilise now to find, equip, train and support everyone in the country who lacks access


Heaps of useful resources for helping people with disabilities to keep in touch with support, friends and family.