Event Alternatives

Conferences, Meetings, Workshops, Festivals, Chess Tournaments

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Event Planning during COVID-19 Outbreak

Event Organizer Overview: Event Planning as it relates to Coronavirus (COVID-19), Health & Safety, Emergency Plan Options, Addl. Resources

Crisis Management Resources for Event Organizers 

How events deal with the coronavirus crisis

The Comprehensive Event Planners’ Guide to COVID-19

How to transform your in-person events into engaging online experiences

4 Leaders on Adapting Event Marketing Strategies in Times of Crisis

How to Reschedule or Postpone Your Event and How To Communicate Change or Postponement

How to Transfer This Year's Ticket Buyers to Next Year's Event

Community for Event Managers

🔗https://join.slack.com/t/fieldandeventftw/shared_invite/zt-cpk2jcl2-EN1XoREFZMIl319XIEQLsQ (Big Thanks to Danny Hutto of Gong.io!)
Slack Channel for Event & Community Managers.

Linkedin Group: Virtual Events-2020
A community bringing together event marketers who are interested in learning about pivoting to the virtual event space. 

Virtual Events and Conferences Guide

5 Ways to Take Your Events Virtual with Splash 

Empathy, Agility, and Localization: Tips from 5 Experts on Managing Events in Crisis Mode

IRL: How to Blend In-Person and Virtual Events

Employer's guide to switching from offline to online events

Open Source Guide to Running Conferences Online

Simple Way To Set Up Virtual Event Registrations

A Guide to Agile Event Programs that Can Survive Anything

Guide for Online Facilitation from Acumen

Unlocking the power of virtual convening 

Event Marketing That Scales: A Community for Event Professionals by Splash

5 Ways to Know If Your Company Can Support A Local Events Program

Making video conferencing work better from a home office

10 Tips for Managing your Online Event

Logistics recommendations for virtual hackathons.

🔗 https://dev.to/_phzn/running-my-first-online-meetup-o1h
Running My First Online Meetup

🔗 https://libreplanet.org/wiki/LibrePlanet:Conference/2020/Streaming
LibrePlanet guide to the tools used to run a virtual conference with 100% free/libre/open software

Virtual Events Tools

Wikipedia has a nice comparison list of web conferencing options

Video Conferencing

See: https://coronavirustechhandbook.com/teleconferencing

Tools for Running Remote events

🔗 In the Ether
In the Ether is an approach to fully remote meet-ups, meetings, conferences and events. It is a remote first approach to bring like minded people together from across the globe, to discuss, share and learn about topics they care about.

🔗 https://www.brella.io/
Brella is a full event platform with focus in networking and AI matchmaking in both physical and virtual events.

🔗 https://www.crowdcast.io/
Crowdcast.io - live video Q&As, interviews, summits, webinars and more.

Keep the conversation going from your online events.

Online events platform (launching soon)

Online events platform

🔗 https://www.runtheworld.today/
Online events platform

SmartEvents - Digital Alternatives to Face to Face Events 

Collective Agency Livestream Fundraising, Galas & Events

Set up a Basic Phone Number for the Elderly to Call and Listen to Audio Announcements, Podcasts or Sermon Recordings

Collaboration Platforms

Nextcloud (Talk) - Open Source collaboration, file share and comms
“Screen-sharing, online meetings & web conferencing“ In browser and mobile app (Google play / Fdroid)

Access to Network of Experts

Happily.io - A marketplace platform that can connect you with over 500 virtual event specialist freelancers of all levels, from strategists and video directors down to engineers, chat moderators, and tech support. 

XpertFinder.net- Online masterclasses, ask me anything, request one-on-one sessions and more.

Actual Online Conferences & Events

Events on COVID-19

🔗 https://www.crowdcast.io/e/covid-19-virtual-summit/register
Covid-19 Free Virtual Summit: The State & Future of Pandemics. From Singularity University's community of global experts on COVID-19, the current challenges and solutions, and future impact on our health, business, government, and communities.
📅 16 Mar at 08:30 – 18 Mar at 18:30 PDT

March 17: Accelerate Good Global 2020l is a sector-defining event, uniting tech nonprofit entrepreneurs, technology leaders, and philanthropists who believe in leveraging tech for good

Events on Remote Working

March 12 Webinar: Successful Remote and Distributed Work in Uncertain Times

Virtual Collaboration Campus
Provides a quick overview of what it feels like to work virtually and collaborate online.
📅 30 Mar - 2 Apr 

Tips and tools to go remote- Discover powerful tips and tools to collaborate remotely.
24 March 10:00 London / 11:00 Brussels / 12:00 Athens / 13:00 Istanbul / All time zones

How to work remotely

Events on Managing Events

Webinar (On Demand): Crisis Mode Ideas of Managing Events in Challenging Situations 
Learn strategies, experiences and lessons learned from top event marketing leaders who have walked through the fire more than once and lived to talk about it. They'll share how they've managed past crisis situations and how they're adapting and making decisions around the current coronavirus situation.

Pivot to Virtual - Two-hour dive into the key challenges, crisis management strategies, and solutions needed for meetings and events, featuring EventMB editors in conversation with leaders in the event industry.
March 18

Making the Shift: How Marketers are Pivoting to Virtual Events. panel discussion will focus on how marketers, who primarily rely on regional, in-person events to generate demand, are shifting their strategy to virtual events. Panelists will share what it takes to make the change, key factors to consider, and ideas for events that don’t naturally translate to a virtual experience.
March 19: 9 am PST

How to Bring Physical Events into the Digital World. At a time when in-person events are simply not an option, creating engaging digital experiences has never been more important. Even if you have already scheduled physical events, like seminars and conferences, you can still deliver a successful event, you just have to bring it into the digital world.
March 20 11:00 PST. Hosted by ON24

March 24 Webinar: Negotiating Losses in Times of Crisis 
12:00 GMT. Hosted by London Business School, Niro Sivanathan, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour

Virtual Conference: Zendesk Relater 2020- Relater, a Zendesk global online event. Tune in for special guests, fresh updates, and industry predictions. 
March 24 

How an AI Company Uses URL to IRL Experiences to Drive Engagement and Revenue- Join Som Puangladda, VP of Marketing at GumGum, as she shares how to build seamless experiences between the digital and in-person world. Learn how she hosts virtual, in-person, and hybrid event programs that attendees love.
Key takeaways:

March 24: 11AM PT // 2PM ET

How to Move Your Live Events Online with Splash. Join Splash's Zach Napolitano, Director of Education, and Faisal Mawani, Technical Solutions Consultant, as they share an array of strategies for hosting events online, focusing on webinars, meetups, and livestreams. 
In this webinar, you'll learn:

March 26: 12PM PT // 3PM ET

Impact and Actions – Events and Coronavirus Round Table
Featuring insights and input from Alex Theuma, Founder of SaaStock, Chris Wickson, GM of Integrate Events, Colleen Leary, Snr Event Marketing Manager at Alert Logic and Kimberley Clarke, Chief Strategy Officer at KCI Management, discussing:

📅 26 Mar 9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST / 4:00 PM GMT

Customers Come First, How to take care of your Attendees and Team when Navigating a Crisis. How to guide your attendees and teams for future events.
March 26. 11:00 AM PST

Virtual Summits by Digital Leaders

Events on Digital Learning

With universities making fast decisions to move courses online, thousands of faculty are asking, what do we do now? ACSA is continuing to hold a series of open, web-based meetings to discuss next steps and share resources. See below for links to March 19 and 20 discussions and to videos and transcripts from March 13.
All discussion will take place on the Zoom online conferencing platform. If you do not already have Zoom on your computer, download it here.

🔗 https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_y_TavgknTlyvPZpfK4TV8w
Studio-Based Online Learning: Building Community and Engaging Design at a Distance
Education in architecture and design offers studio-based learning environments that foster investigation, synthesis, application, and sharing of knowledge. The studio is also a place for students to gain self-knowledge and develop themselves as agents of change. This webinar will help faculty begin to design and guide authentic engagement through studio-based online learning. We will introduce how the virtual studio, as a decentralized learning space, can build community through self-directed discovery, play, and personal reflection. The speakers will also address how faculty can shape and expand their roles as conveners of a distributed community.