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  1. Country-specific information.
    1. what kind of information? You might want:
      1. for official responses by country
      2. for health data
  2. Data and analysis on the resulting impacts of COVID-19. E.g. air quality data, traffic levels, impacts on footfall, spend per household, ridership on public transport
    1. Some of this in, if you find any elsewhere do tell us!
  3. (Similar to #3) Recommendations for living with roommates when everyone is working from home in a tiny apartment, i.e. creating space where there is none; going for walks only does so much.
    1. We're going to create a section about this today.
  4. Looking for ways to use my skills as a software developer to help with COVID-19 response.
    1. Great! A good place to start is just tidying the handbook, and you'll come to understand the landscape as you do it!
    2. You could help 'lockdown' PWA app that will show various lockdown states for countries across the world helping people to find out if they can travel and at what restrictions
  5. Is there a way to search the handbook (or find out where links in the link drop end up)?
    1. Coming soon!
  6. What resources exist that show what surveillance systems are being put in place to track COVID-19? I(tracking movements on trains, buses, buildings, etc.) What expiration date do these surveillance systems have, if any?
    1. See
    2. See also
  7. A list of findings from any user research (scrappy is fine!) conducted? So that we can better understand problems people are facing as we build?
    1. See
  8. Find a senior software dev familiar with Ruby or marketplace software to help with a Covid-19 project - Luke F (I also wrote the item about our PPE maker network)
    1. I also saw in the archive a software dev wanting to offer their skills. We need em! Also Radical Engineers would be great to sign post to