So you’ve volunteered to help out! Thank you!!! 🙏🙏🙏

The handbook can't exist without volunteers like you, and any time that you can offer is really valuable!

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook is a library of URLs that are useful for specialists working on fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

It is made up of a set of collaborative documents, each with a different whatsapp group attached.

Links are pouring in constantly. We expect 2x growth every few days. We need to keep on top of things for it to stay useful, otherwise it will descend into chaos.

Below are some things you can always usefully do. You may perhaps feel like some of these tasks are beneath you, but… this work is the most important work because nobody else will do it, and it actually needs a surprising amount of care, skill, attention and good judgement.

Deciding what to do or where things should go often isn’t easy! If you’re in any doubt about where something should go, raise it in the misc chat and we can discuss it, and we all learn something. Better we discuss than you get it wrong!

Things to do

Join the Librarian chat for all librarian business

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Keep the formatting tidy — no really

The more tidy the formatting, the more people trust the document. This is very important, because if they don’t trust it they won’t read it, they won’t contribute to it and they won’t share it.

But when people add things, usually they aren’t very tidy! So it is a constant task!

The headings, consistent font, colours, emoji link icons, it’s all really important for readability, and so for trust. If you don’t believe me, look between a few different sections and be honest about how trustworthy you find the info there.

We spent the first week just tweeting and cleaning formatting!

We move at the speed of trust, and in a document, trust is all about consistent formatting.

Organise things

Many sections are a mess, things need to be organised into useful categories, and edited down to have concise & accurate descriptions so that the documents are easy to read. Also, put the most useful looking stuff at the top, and the least useful looking stuff at the bottom. You’ll have to use some judgement about this, but don’t be afraid, it’s generally fairly obvious. If there are several similar things, that generally suggests it might be important.

Also, some resources are going to get obsolete - stick these at the bottom - the ones that are useful will be evergreen and should rise to the top.

Clear Link Drops

The front page and every subpage has a link drop, where people put links they don't want to integrate themselves; perhaps they don't know where they go, or are on mobile and can't do the formatting easily. You should find a good place for the link in the article, but leave one link where it is - it helps people understand how to use the link drop.

Deciding where things should go often isn’t easy! If you’re in any doubt about where something should go, raise it in the misc chat and we can discuss it, and we all learn something. Better we discuss than you get it wrong!

Monitor the whatsapp chats

Each section has a whatsapp chat, join as many as you want to and make sure all the links people post get put into the correct docs.

You can try and inspire collaborations!

Think of each section as a different community with different goals and interests.

Try and moderate discussions to be brief and on-topic. They should be announcements, questions, answers and short discussion. Long discussions are for elsewhere, probably in the facebook group or somewhere in

Promote the handbook

Know any communities or organisations where people might care about coronavirustechhandbook? Share it!

You can also share specific sections if that makes sense.

• A very good thing to do is to find and share it to upcoming

• Another good thing to do is find people on twitter who are looking for resources or making resources or doing organising, and reply to them with “have you seen” <= they will likely contribute, and also their followers will see the post.

Break out other libraries

If you find other libraries with lots of resources in them, take those resources out and put them into CoronavirusTechHandbook. But only if these are specifically things made because of Coronavirus!

There are a few in

Comb Social media

Anywhere you might find people making resources, find things, and add them to the library.

Also we have a large Facebook group where people post things! And maybe you’d like to moderate it?

Tell projects featured in the libraries that they are in there

If you do this, they are very likely to come along and make some improvements, and join the community. Likely they feel quite alone!

Style Guide

The goal of this style guide is making each document appear consistent and easy to read (=trustworthy), while still making it feel informal and approachable for any potential contributor (=not too intimidating to make edits).

I’m overwhelmed and I’m not sure what to do???

  1. Join the “Misc” chat ”Misc” CoronavirusTechHandbook Whatsapp Chat and say hello, introduce yourself
  2. Pick any section you like from and start just tidying and reformatting the text. It's easy, a good way to start, and will help you get acquainted with the guide.
  3. Come to the editathon on Saturdays. It's a good way to meet everyone and get an introduction to the handbook. Links to the events will be on the home page. The next one is on May 30th, please RSVP on EventBrite.

Librarians, Introduce Yourselves!

Nathan Young, [email protected], 07891020271, @nathanpmyoung

I am a political technologist and Fellow of Newspeak House (see Ed’s entry below). I’m interested in institutional decision making and altruism.

I initiated the handbook and spend time editing and keeping sections neat. 

Edward Saperia, [email protected], 07796955572

I am dean of Newspeak House, an organisation in the UK that supports communities doing tech-for-good!

I am working on the handbook roughly every waking moment, and watching all the different sections as best as I can! I’m in every whatsapp chat at once O_O

Joe Reeve, LinkedIn | Twitter | Email 

Waverley Coquet, Linkedin | Twitter | Email

  • Founder @ Gived. - Tools for organisational collaboration and fundraising
  • Founder @ ToryTechs.UK
  • Organiser @
  • SAFe Certified Agilist, SAFe Product Owner, SAFe Scrum Master
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner, ScrumMaster Alliance CSM

Nicole Ponsford, [email protected]

  • Founder @ The GEC - Gender Equality Collective
  • @nicoleponsford
  • Sitting on the corners of tech and education - using #TechForGood

Cathy Wang, [email protected] 07721164094

Entrepreneur. Business advisor. Designer. 


I am on a journey to pursue new projects in the intersection of cognitive economy, value system, and social impact. 

Ruth Ann Crystal MD, [email protected], 1-650-279-5196

Twitter: @CatchTheBaby


Physician (Ob/Gyn) entrepreneur in Palo Alto, California USA interested in human centered design and startups.  I was looking for a way to aggregate useful and reliable information on COVID19 for doctors around the world and I happened to see Ed’s tweet on your project.

image being cropped

[email protected]

Twitter: @iPhotini


Lecturer in Digital Media and Culture at KCL

Head of Research for Media What

Fergus Kane. [email protected]

UK based clinical psychologist.  Here to help for a bit.

Currently mainly doing CBT for psychosis and trauma.

Interested in tech solutions / efficient systems/ human scale environments.

immagine ritagliata

Antonella Ninni

Copenhagen - Denmark

Linkedin | Facebook

Political Scientist, Automation and AI Project Manager, Activist, Digital Strategist

Benjamin Howarth. [email protected] +447516308658

Twitter: @benjaminhowarth

ASP.NET programmer & consultant, mentor at Code First: Girls, .NET Foundation member

Annabel Church

Twitter: @annabelchurch

Web developer, technical consultant, civic tech / journalism focus, co-organiser of Hacks/Hackers Berlin, joyous connections to OpenNews / Bad Idea Factory / Chicas Poderosas 

Ajatshatru Bhattacharya

LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Email: [email protected]

Ajat Co-Founded the Invictus Foundation in June 2019. As the Chairman of the Foundation and the Director of the Invictus Institute, a research branch under the Foundation, he is leading multiple working groups (learn more) and conducting policy research in emerging technical-legal fields. In addition, currently, he is leading a research project on COVID-19 within the Foundation and aims to contribute extensively to this handbook.  

Annie Liu

Based in NYC, working at PIMCO as a portfolio analyst

Looking to help out however I can 

Interested in public health, government responses, and impact on markets 

Matthew Wearden

Cambridge maths finalist, helping out whilst I’m self isolating for a while.

Looking for any opportunities to help.

Teresa Stout
 cell: +19096858966 | twitter: @teresamstout | email: [email protected] + [email protected] | linkedin:

I am a political scientist and technologist with background in foreign policy. I work in issues related to surveillance, race, data accountability, borders and criminology + law. Previously doing policy/research at the white house, the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. Currently an organizer around tech+migration issues based out of Europe, Spain specifically. Here to help in anyway that I can, with research, amplification, etc. 

Arvid Schwerin, from Berlin, + 49 170 289 8873 [email protected] 

I am working for a MP in the health care committee of the Bundestag and freelance as a Design Thinking coach. I hope I can help a little. You can reach me under [email protected]

Matthew Morley (from UK but live in San Francisco, USA)

07720 617074 [email protected]

I’m co-Founder and CEO of Savvy. We build ‘Advice as a service products’ (think quizzes for elections, lead generation forms etc.) for national elections, multi national charities (like Save the Children) and startups. Here in response to APPG and NWSPK requests.

Xuan Wang (from China but based in London, UK)

WhatsApp: +1 202 567 7817 Twitter: @xitouying Email: [email protected] 


Philosopher turned software engineer. Passionate about using tech to improve people’s lives. Here to help out in any way I can. 

Rob Pickering (UK) [email protected] | @RobinJPickering on twitter.

Greybeard Internet technologist. Looking to make an impact on areas where I have expertise: Internet technology and social effects, startup companies and social enterprise.

Michael de la Maza (USA) +1 617 575 9707 | [email protected] | @hearthealthyscr on twitter. Agile coach, online facilitator

Charlie Danoff 

@danoff on Twitter

Researching peer learning and peer production as part of the peeragogy project for multiple years. 

Marcela Olivia Dorantes   @eagleowlartist on Instagram

Visual Artist & Independent Researcher  

Laureen Hudson

@LaureenH on Twitter

Annapolis, MD, USA

Technical editor, technical communicator, science editor, fact checker. 

Agathe Boutaud (from Paris, France but based in NYC, USA)

[email protected]

Engineering graduate, just started as a consultant in the city. Happy to help in my spare time.

Ed bisdee (soz, no photo to hand) @edbisdee [email protected] || +44(0)7941100821

Battery engineer,

Nima Karimi

Davis Kingsley

Stanford, California

+1 650 714 5190

[email protected]

Just a guy trying to help out -- March looked like it’d be one of my busiest months w/ teaching, conference, major tournament, etc. but now those events are cancelled and I’ve a fair bit of time available!

Kazi P Silmi

(From Dhaka, Bangladesh but currently living in San Diego, California)

+1 740 274 9649

[email protected]

A Public Health PhD student researching HIV, stigma,and mental health. Passionate about providing resources and information to those in need. Building a platform to provide information resources for sexual assault and domestic violence survivors in Bangladesh. 

  Ben-Collins E. Ndinojuo

(Living in Port Harcourt, Nigeria)

[email protected]

I’m a communications researcher and research fellow at the Department of Linguistics and Communication Studies, University of Port Harcourt. Would love to change the world and how we communicate with data. Right now, it is how to organise and improve communication in the face of the scourge of this virus. We are still fortunate in Nigeria, but we can't be comfortable, we must all do our bit.

Tom Charman, from London, + 44 7966423998 

[email protected]

I’m a co-founder of NAVA, helping local people find local things to do based on their preferences - think Pinterest for city discovery. I’m here to help as we’re seeing a huge number of venues we work with already struggling with the outbreak, so I want to do my bit to help.

Mia Bennett, from London, + 44 7882730338

[email protected]'m a venture builder on a mini-break, doing my masters in International Business. Many friends and family on lockdown already. More than happy to help.

Ruby Bayley-Pratt


+44 7562242978

[email protected]


Fundraising Research and Strategy Manager at the British Red Cross

Trustee Bloody Good Period


Mustafa Warsi



[email protected]

Macro Quantitative Researcher at Marshall Wace LLC.

Diarmuid Morgan

Dublin, Ireland

+35 3833895699

[email protected] 

Research assistant at UCD, Dublin.

Really want to help out as much as I possibly can!

Oliver Pitt

Shepherds Bush, London


[email protected]


Digital Strategy, Innovation

Outdoor swimmer - help run the

 Anupma Sud

 Currently in Sydney, Australia


LinkedIn| Email

Humanitarian professional with a background in software development in Silicon Valley. Passionate about bridging the gaps between the humanitarian and technology world (or create one esp with humanitarian activities in the Global South); spent the last 3 years in NE Nigeria working on employing innovative tech to increased accountability and reach in health interventions (Polio eradication and RI), currently on break and volunteering towards COVD-19 response

Matt Roeder

Chicago, IL, USA

[email protected]

Art Director, Designer, Writer

Hannah O’Rourke


London, UK

[email protected]


Linda Linsefors, [email protected], +46 768 496458 

I’m an aspiring Effective Altruist and a friend of Newspeak House.

James Curtis, [email protected]

@jamescurtis29, @radicaldevs

Freelance business planner, web-designer and co-founder of Radical Engineers

Shadrock Roberts

LinkedIn | Twitter

Ricardo S Matos

Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

São Paulo - Brasil 


Abi Silvester

London, United Kingdom

Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter: @absinthecity / @ADHDLondon 

Copywriter, podcaster, patient advocate (neurodiversity, women’s health), Social Media Manager, language geek and all-round tech-embracer with hyperfocus for hire. [email protected]

Kevin Rutherford

Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States

Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter

Consultant, photographer, recovering Wikipedian

Jason DaPonte

London UK

Linkedin | Facebook | Twitter: @jasondaponte

Strategist, ustwobie, ex-journalist, water polo, gardening

Jennifer Miller, LinkedIn

Research Triangle Park, NC, USA

My background is in public policy, human resources, and technical communication. I study science and technology policy with an emphasis on the future of work. I am an advocate for open knowledge: open education, open science, open data.

Hayley Pontia, Linkedin

Washington, DC, USA

Student Analyst @Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation

Grad student @Georgetown University | Communication, Culture, and Technology 

Gov digital services | user experience | civic tech

Tim McCormick, [email protected], +1.503.334.1894, @tmccormick,

Portland, OR, USA. Product designer/developer, librarian, researcher. Working on #OpenAid aid messaging system, PDX Community Action Handbook, #CoronaCottages disaster housing.

Heather Leson, heatherleson AT gmail DOT com @heatherleson Geneva, CH. Technologist, Humanitarian, Maps, Data and Code. Information Wrangler at IFRC

Alex Flint

Lowell, VT, USA

[email protected]

Stephanie Morrongiello

[email protected]


Former strategy consultant, looking to build and scale businesses from the inside

Offering pro bono consulting services to help business impacted or actively combatting COVID.

Amber Ace

[email protected]


Humanities PhD student based in London, UK.

TechCamp trainer Christiana Varda.

Christiana Varda

Twitter: @civiwhat


Founder, Media What

Associate Researcher | PhD Student, at Media Cognition and Learning Research Group, Cyprus University of Technology

Robbie Solway

Toronto, ON

[email protected] | Twitter: @robbiesolway

Educator, community builder, ex-software developer, writer, mathematician

Felix-Anselm van Lier



Research Fellow Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology/Visiting Scholar Alan Turing Institute

Public Law scholar working on the use of digital participation tools for constitutional and other law making processes.

Dhio Hidayatullah

[email protected]

Twitter: @Dhiosk


Working on the Indonesian version of the handbook.

Cansu E. Dedeoglu

Toronto, ON

Ph.D. student in information science with a background in political science and digital media. Expertise in designing socio-technical systems that are inclusive for marginalized users. 

Twitter: @CansuEU


Heather Milton

[email protected] and [email protected]


Working to help make sure FEMA and other fed agencies are apprised of efforts and resources; hoping to help make connections between si¾milar/overlapping efforts for improved collaboration and capacity

Cheryl Bone

London, UK

[email protected] | @cherylbone | LinkedIn

Ethical entrepreneur, innovator & consultant.

Kanwal Stolworthy

Surrey, UK

[email protected]

Twitter: @stolerzk


Digital transformation consultant (UXD, Product/Platform Mgr) public/private sector for +10yrs. Advocate for health, wellbeing and social innovation.

Mandy Honeyman

Norfolk, UK

[email protected]

twitter: @edtechsInfo


Various edtech stuff. Early adopter and now grumpy. Passionate about not dumping links onto unsuspecting and already stressed users, and transparency. Early publishing tech job at the Independent Newspaper included maintaining their extensive stylesheet.

Ana Silva

London, UK

[email protected]

Communications Strategy

James Moulding

London, UK

[email protected]

Community organiser, campa

Ronit Purian

Tel Aviv University

Aysun Demirdogen

İzmir, Turkey

Email: [email protected] I Twitter @AysunDemirdogen


Tech Transfer Professional

Founder of Clipcil Inc.

Works for Ege University EBILTEM Tehcnology Transfer Office and Ege Technopark nuvEGE Incubation Centerx

Mission: why are we doing this?

A lot of people are making support groups right now, mostly ones based around particular locations. What we’re trying to make is specialist groups of various kinds, using people with rare skills, to produce difficult-to-make things - tools, information - that will benefit a lot of other types of groups.

When people working on problems get together and talk, they can share solutions, avoid replication and increase the level of specialisation.

We are creating, collecting, connecting and supporting an evolving set of community libraries. The strength of this project is that it can be extremely dynamic. We can’t compete with giant institutions, but we can be more nimble, and solve small, specific problems which they don’t see.

When a problem area appears, creative people with that problem will naturally start making resources around it. If lots of people are making the same kind of resource, it suggests that the problem is real and being encountered by people in the wild. What we can do is try and connect these people. This handbook is designed to act as a place where people can deposit and organize around these resources.

For example, we recognise that there are several Open Source Ventilator projects: we can collect them all, and then introduce them all to each other.

In practice, this means actively combing the internet for people creating projects, and categorising them!

Some thoughts about our content philosophy, and different activities for librarians

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