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💡Is anyone up for forming a brain trust on some techie solutions to helping people help each other during Coronavirus? I work for the Campaign to End Loneliness in Scotland. I am working with third sector and some community groups in Glasgow to help prepare as Coronavirus hits. There are some brilliant self help groups springing up which we are keen to encourage that obviously take account of health guidance.
We 0333 050 9502 (UK) or (424) 253-8222 (US). unprecedented times and may have to do things differently. My concern in particular are those older people living alone or who are older carers. But everyone who self isolates or who is fearful may struggle and we want to find ideas to help people still feel human and a sense of human connection.
I would love to hear about any free tech that may do the following in the face of helping the third sector and communities keep connected and help each other during the Coronavirus. This is likely more geared at the enablers as we know there is a digital divide for older people in particular so thought is being given to offline ways of communication.

  • Does anyone know of any tech that would enable volunteers or staff to call vulnerable people without accessing their details? Some of the scenarios we are thinking about is if staffing is hit and we can put out a community call to enable volunteers to do phone check ins. Up to 40% of community care staff may become unavailable due to self isolation, have caring responsibilities when schools close, or who become ill.
  • Any programme that would allow people to contribute to building a community warchest to buy food and essentials without the need for cash changing hands 
  • The best way for people to highlight how they can help and pair people up 
  • Is there any tech that helps with phone trees (see attached)? - where people who may not know each other can check in with each other.

There may be other things that come up around helping entertain people /find things to chat about
If anyone is interested in helping with ideas/free expertise (sorry!) please do let me know and I could set up a zoom call. I would love someone to explain simply how we can get round GDPR safely.