Medical Students

Volunteering Opportunities, Responses from med schools/unions/ regulatory bodies , Learning Resources and Opportunities, Peer Teaching, Preparing for Work, Journal Articles, Research, Welfare Support

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A Google Spreadsheet on what all the US medical schools are doing with their medical students during COVID-19

Dr. Sachin J. Shah- Assistant Professor @UCSF Physician and researcher.curated 1300+ articles in PubMed for doctors/clinicians and medical educators:


As medical students we currently face a world of uncertainty, there is some certainty that we are all facing similar uncertainty… Other than that the certainty is limited. This document is being edited by Julia Simons, hopefully it becomes a useful collation of resources for medical students. Some of the topics mentioned here are covered in more detail in other parts of the handbook, when this is the case there is a link to the relevant section of the handbook.

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This is part of a larger document that is for scientists, volunteers, etc.

You will be particularly interested in the Doctors section: that covers medical care protocols, clinical course of infection, treatments, research, PPE guidance

Volunteering Opportunities

How you can best help respond to the coronavirus pandemic is highly dependent upon your level of training and where you are in the World. This section hopes to group ideas about how to help as well as specific projects in different countries.


Level of training
Idea and example

No clinical experience
Check out general volunteering opportunities in your community

Limited clinical experience
You may have appropriate legal cover to work with children: Could offer childcare for healthcare workers

Healthship: Student-created webapp connecting #NHSStaff with health students for voluntary childcare, grocery shopping, etc during the #COVID19 pandemic - hop aboard!

Nearly finished med school
Seek employment within a clinical setting as a healthcare assistant
Would be really helpful to have a testimony about this experience


Also see:

🇬🇧United Kingdom

Local Mutual Aid Groups

Provide childcare for healthcare workers

🇬🇧🔗Read about the role here   Find Jobs here
Work as a healthcare assistant
Some medical students will be asked to assist, for more details about this see the next section, Guidance RE responses from Medical schools/ regulatory bodies

🇺🇸 United States

🇺🇸🔗Google Form Here 
NEW YORK Provide childcare, pet care, grocery shopping, and other tasks on a case by case basis for

🇮🇪🇵🇭 🇲🇽 🇧🇪 🇺🇸 Please add your country!

Response from Medical Schools and Regulatory Bodies

So you’re not qualified but you want to be helpful, what are the rules?

🇬🇧United Kingdom

Medical school responses: Some medical schools have cancelled exams, placements, others have chosen to retain exams. See how your medical school compares here

General Medical Council Response: Here Summary:

Medical Schools Council Guidance here

BMA Students Guidance regarding being offered the opportunity to work as a final year

Framework is currently being discussed, see link for details
Phone lines, webchat and email available, see link for details

DAUK- Doctors Association UK, also represent medical students
Join their facebook page here
If you need support you can contact them directly here

🇮🇪🇵🇭 🇲🇽 🇧🇪 🇺🇸 Please add your country!

Learning Resources and Opportunities

With cancelled placements, teaching and in some cases exams sharing learning resources will be helpful! Even better- leave comments about what you find helpful about different learning resources!

Harvard Medical School Medical Student COVID-19 Curriculum: Overview 


FreeMedTube- USMLE, Osmosis videos


GeekyMedics Free question bank

BMJ OnExamination Subscription required - 25% off with discount code: LNM2020 e.g. 3 months of access to ‘med student finals’ question bank for £14.99 ($17.24; €16.02)

PassMedicine Subscription required


Project idea: peer teaching programmes (already exist in some universities, would be great to share these)


YourAnastomosis Offers online surgical training with score-based, objective assessment of vessel sutures.


Alasdair Scott Notes Comprehensive notes: concise, logical layout. Free


Would be amazing if we could pool shared drives of resources- textbooks/ lectures/ notes- for example university societies that run revision lectures

Peer Teaching

Idea: If your lectures and classes are cancelled and you’re looking for something to do- how about setting up some peer teaching initiatives?

Preparing for Work

Resources that might be useful for students who are about to qualify and may be entering the workforce during the pandemic

Asked to See Patient FY1 Guide

Projects and Research Opportunities

See also:

Becoming a doctor: Medical Student Projects


See also: 🔗


WHO: Database of publications updated daily

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19) by Allen Institute for AI
>29,000 scholarly articles,  >13,000 with full text, about COVID-19 and the coronavirus family of viruses for use by the global research community


This is an emerging area, there is a lot of scope for research and publications.
Crowd Fight COVID 19 sign up to share you skills

Welfare and Support 


Idea: Could set up google hangouts/ zoom meets to check-in with other medical students

Add blogs for reading in solidarity 
🔗 - I’m a final year medical student at Cambridge documenting what’s been happening since the coronavirus crisis began, both in + outside of hospital.

We all need memes, laughter is good medicine, while not good medicine for COVID, good medicine for life.