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🔗🇩🇪 https://forms.crowdnewsroom.org/corona-fakenews/corona-fakenews/slide0

Correctiv- German Fake News Tracking form

Centre for Countering Digital Hate


📧[email protected]

Centre for Countering Digital Hate- CCDH are asking people to send in examples of fakenews around the Coronavirus. If you see examples of COVID-19 misinformation & fake cures, esp on Facebook/ WhatsApp, please send URLs/ screenshots to

✉️ [email protected]

Trusted Sources and Resources                                                                          

Information that people can trust.

See also:

🔗 https://coronavirustechhandbook.com/advice

For reporters and journalists

Coronavirus: Resources for reporters


First Draft database of 800+ fact-checked articles

Tips and Tools for reporting on COVID-19


"To help reporters find clear, accurate information about the pandemic — and report on it responsibly — KSJ has compiled the following collection of resources and tools."

First Draft



🗣 https://twitter.com/firstdraftnews 

Tips and advice for reporters reporting on Coronavirus

European Journalism Observatory


Collection of resources for journalists

Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis


SOMA is comprised of fact-checkers, journalists, researchers, media organizations and policymakers and provides access to tools that facilitate collaborative verification.

Advice and context for reporting on non-peer-reviewed research accurately


"Six key things reporters need to know about preprints, based on interviews with two people with vast experience in biomedical research"

Tools & guides to conducting online investigations


Includes Bellingcat's Online Investigation Toolkit as well as case study examples.

Reporting Tips and How to Find Experts


The Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT seeks to nurture and enhance the ability of journalists from around the world to accurately illuminate the complex intersection of science, technology and human culture.

Aggregated list of available resources

🔗 https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fO_f-RworsU0BRqgyiKcrdb4gyUYuo4rUqzsu9zoCII/edit#gid=1482106473&fvid=342748075

40+ fact checking resources'(Open) Data, Facts, Metrics sources & views by ageor - Google Sheets'

For the general public

CoronaVirusFacts/DatosCoronavirus Alliance


A collection by Poynter of 3,000+ fact-checked COVID-19 items from multiple providers:

Led by the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at the Poynter Institute, the #CoronaVirusFacts / #DatosCoronaVirus Alliance unites more than 100 fact-checkers around the world in publishing, sharing and translating facts surrounding the new Coronavirus.

Convaise chatbot

🇩🇪🔗https://www.convaise.com/ (in German)

Convaise (Germany)- With governments keen to tackle misinformation, German GovStart 2019 company Convaise offers a chatbot solution allowing citizens to communicate with public institutions.

This startup is currently schooling its chatbot on a corpus of COVID-19 Q&A exchanges.

Top-rated COVID-19 Reporters


The majority of the highly-rated authors that make this content are experts in health and science and have demonstrated histories of covering such topics... These are the people from whom you should get your COVID-19 updates.

Index of live statistics


Smartable.AI Statistics & News- Compilation of stats and data.

WHO Myth-busters


WHO Myth-busters- Shareable images debunking some myths about Coronavirus.

Federation of American Scientists

🇺🇸🔗 https://fas.org/ncov

✉️ [email protected]

Federation of American Scientists- Several common misconceptions about coronavirus.

FEMA Coronavirus Rumor Control


US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Rumor Control- Myth busting.

List of trustworthy sources


Crowd-sourced list of trustworthy information on Covid-19 for the public, for every country in the world (ministries of health, research groups etc).

Info on COVID-19 for the corporate world

Corporate release from Mercer

🌏🔗 Mercer Covid-19 global market impact survey (corporate content)

Information on Coronavirus for the corporate world


Tools for finding experts; lists of experts on social media

Verified experts on Twitter


A list of scientists and organisations with expertise who are themselves highly followed by experts on Twitter.

Listed of trusted Twitter accounts from Eoghan Sweeney


Associated tweet at

🔗 https://twitter.com/buileshuibhne/status/1236953325918134272

Eoghan Sweeney’s list of trusted Twitter accounts

Expert Connect


Designed to boost industry-researcher collaboration, Expert Connect provides access to business savvy research expertise.

Julie McMurry, MPH's Twitter follows

🔗 https://twitter.com/figgyjam/following

Samuel M. Jenness, Ph.D's Twitter


Dr. Jenness is a professor of infectious disease Epidemiology, mathematical modeling, and network science at Emory University

Human Rights Data Analysis Group Twitter


Data analysis, scientific research, and innovation in scientific methods in the field of human rights.Has released papers on COVID-19 mortality estimates

Peer-reviewed research

Research breakdown on COVID-19


A list of papers on the impact of Coronavirus, arranged into categories and subcategories.

Google scholar


Google scholar search for 'Coronavirus'.



Papers pulled out by the FoldingHome project.

Fact-checking organizations


🔗 https://www.snopes.com/?s=coronavirus

🗣 https://twitter.com/snopes

Snopes- Fact-checking site


🔗 https://www.politifact.com/search/?q=coronavirus

🗣 https://twitter.com/PolitiFact

Politifact        - Fact-checking site


🔗 https://www.factcheck.org/issue/coronavirus

🗣 https://twitter.com/factcheckdotorg

FactCheck.org- Fact-checking site

Full Fact

🔗 https://fullfact.org/

🗣 https://twitter.com/fullfact

Full Fact - fact-checking site

Fact Check NI



Fact Check NI - Northern Ireland's fact-checking site

Truth or Fiction


TruthOrFiction- Fact checking

AFP Fact-check



AFP Fact-Check- More than 100 fact-checks on the coronavirus from around the globe.

Coronavirus Ecuador

🔗🇪🇨 https://coronavirusecuador.com/fake-news-coronavirus-ecuador/

Coronavirus Ecuador Fact checker - checks of fake news in Ecuador (in Spanish)

Taiwan Factcheck Center

🔗(Traditional Chinese) https://tfc-taiwan.org.tw/

Fact-checking of COVID-19 and other misinformation circulating in Taiwan and Asia