Mutual Aid Economy

How to manage money in groups large and small

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So you're in a group of people that perhaps you don't know so well, and you need to move money around in a safe and accountable way. How do you do that?

General Guides

 🔗Mutual Aid groups should look to Mutual Credit for economic resilience
Disclosure - the author of the post is a contributor here and is founder at Open Credit Network - linked from here. It’s a mutual.

🔗Community Organising for the Corona Crisis
opensource guide, please add!

Sharing and Gift Economy

Freecycle / Freegle
🇬🇧🔗 - International
Freecycle is an email based service that allows people to offer stuff they are happy to give away. It operates as a network of local groups.
shows 12 UK regions, each with a fair number of local groups (click on region name) also a link to become a moderator of a new group.

There is a web portal version too called Freegle

Both can be accessed from here:

🔗 is an already up and running free platform for giving and receiving services and stuff (including loans of stuff), on a local basis.  It’s created by a nonprofit and anyone can join, anywhere in the world.  Like any other platform, In order to be useful, there need to be enough people in your location, so if you are in an area with few users now, you may have to recruit others.

Created in 2008 - is it still alive?

Focused on food sharing

Tool and Resource Libraries

US focus, but global reach

seems to be the org that maintains localtools

has built a simple geolocated index of smallads for sharing between groups called SolSearch. All the above could plug in to it. REST API only.

General Discussion Community

Mutual Credit

Fiscal hosting for COVID-19 community groups
The Social Change Agency are providing a platform to help community groups and collectives who have formed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, easily receive donations and pay expenses via

Exchange using community currency - no $$, no problem - free credit. Wikipedia.

Time Banks

In these networks, the currency unit is an hour of someone’s time:
Timebanking UK has just set up a lightly modified version of its platform specifically for mutual aid groups. The platform itself is available with several good plugins but not open source 🔗



Simbi is a beautifully designed modern mutual credit platform that is international. 
They added groups, and this where local covid groups can start - no tech skills needed: 🔗

Villages / Ripple
Decentralized LETS-like, peer to peer trading system for worldwide use.  Designed as a system to obsolete and/or complement existing LETS’s worldwide. Useful for bootstrapping a local economy when the regular financial system is not available/reliable. This is not maintained AFAIK. Last tweet was 2018

🔗Community Forge - solid and full-featured, hosted local p2p economy exchange system (LETS) - can also be used for free exchange. No money needed - just swap local units - assume each is £/$1 equivalent for simplicity.
Setup from this link: 
Please try the demo site there to be sure this fits the need - core team have to do some manual setup. Maintained by matslats.

🔗Local Exchange Trading System - A LETS—a Local Exchange Trading System—is a membership-based mutual credit system. Trades are made using points and book-keeping rather than money.

Savings Pools

🔗What is a savings pool? -- facilitates interest-free loans between 10-20 members
The trouble is there really isn’t any open software for this.
A network in New Zealand runs on supermassive MS spreadsheet, which I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole.

🔗WeTrust (blockchain based) is probably good but not free.

Collect and spend money transparently. (No fees for covid projects!)

Business focus

UK business - to - business exchange. Free to join, mutual.

🇬🇧🔗Economy Of Hours | Banking Time London based

Local Currencies

🇬🇧United Kingdom

🔗🇬🇧Bristol Pound – More than money
soon going to convert into some other system...

🔗🇬🇧Hullcoin | Unlocking the hidden value in Hull's economy

They have a nice app I believe, but the coins are issued through local organisations for very specific types of actions.


In Newcastle under Lyme

🇳🇿 New Zealand

🔗🇳🇿Local Money (Living Economies, New Zealand)
general information...