Mutual Aid Group Registries

Registries for Mutual Aid

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The COVID-19 Response Network is a website that can be created for communities and instantly shows local residents what is available to them and where, and helps them to reach out for help from others that are offering it.

'The Golden Hearted' Facebook group for people who want to help each other at difficult times.

Covid-19 Mutual Aid - Group Admins support group

Worldwide Registries

  1. Collective Care is our Best Weapon against COVID-19 (lots of local mutual aid groups)
  2. Database of Localized Resources
  3. Large (Inter)national Crowdsourced Mutual Aid & Advocacy Resources
  4. (Ireland) - Self-isolation helpers 🗣@HelenORahilly #SelfIsolationHelp
  5. (Germany) - network for self-registration to request/volunteer help
  6. (from Germany) (>5000 local mutual aid groups, also and other ushahidis)
  7. (Churches)

UK Registries

  1. COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK
    1. Find your local group (Map + Search)
    2. Add your group (Google Form)
  2. COVID-19 Mutual Aid groups: a list by Freedom News.
  3. Covid-19-mutual-aid-list-sync by Common Knowledge. This software keeps in sync the following lists of UK based COVID-19 Mutual Aid groups: a flat HTML list maintained by Freedom, a Google Spreadsheet maintained by Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK, an Airtable maintained by us at Common Knowledge (deprecated).
  4. - embeds the map below for finding mutual aid / volunteer groups
  5. Map of COVID-19 Mutual Aid Groups UK - assembled from several different sources, aiming to be a fully comprehensive tool for finding a local group, and for easy access to your local safer neighbourhoods policing team. @instantiator @hannah_o_rourke

USA and Canada Registries

  1. Mutual Aid Hub - (Anti-virus warning may pop-up)
  2. Collective Care is our Best Weapon against COVID-19
  3. It’s Going Down
  4. Common Good Mutual Aid Offers & Needs Board: free and open to anyone, anywhere, no account needed
  5. Examples
    1. Cambridge Neighborhood Aid Network - Cambridge, MA
    2. Mutual Aid Medford and Somerville ‘MAMAS’ - towns of Medford & Somerville, MA
    3. Mutual Aid Arlington - inspired by MAMAS, for Arlington, MA
    4. - Trumbull, CT
  6. RentStrike

Existing Mutual Aid and Support Groups

🇦🇺 Australia Existing Support Groups

🇦🇺 🔗
A tool to match offers / requests for help during the pandemic within Australia (with a map)

🇦🇺u 🔗
Mutual Aid Network Australia - an emergent grassroots disaster relief network based on the principles of climate justice, solidarity, mutual aid, and autonomous direct action  (Facebook group).


Solidarity in times of corona in Belgium


The social support networks stepping up in coronavirus-stricken China

🇨🇿Czech Republic

Initiative in Czech Republic

🇩🇪Germany Existing Support Groups

Queer Relief for COVID-19. In English and German.

List of volunteer projects

🇹🇳Tunisia Existing Support Groups

Tunisia Dev Community for COVID

Tunisian Makers

Yes We Breathe ENISo & FMS

Yes We Breathe Tunis

🇬🇧UK Existing Support Groups

🇬🇧 🔗 - volunteer in your local communities.
Meta group helping other Mutual Aid groups around the UK get started.

🗣@instantiator @hannah_o_rourke @policerewired
Combined map of COVID-19 Mutual aid support groups. Mainly UK. Add your local support facebook group or online community to this crowdsourced map, drawn from several data sources and developed by volunteers. Help each other by joining a group, checking in with others and making sure those most vulnerable have what they need. This map is embeddable.

Comprehensive list Existing local mutual aid groups.

Full and complete list as an airtable which people are curating and adding to.

Connecting communitites in times of need

Community hubs in the UK
🗣[email protected] 
Help self-isolating neighbours. Super simple - either offer things you can do for others, or say that you need help. The platform matches clients with volunteers. Think deliver food, collecting urgent medicine, etc. Built specifically for the COVID-19 situation and non-commercial.

🇬🇧🔗Related twitter thread
(It seems that most of the suggestions from the thread are covered in the website above, but might be worth looking through if your area isn’t covered)

Queercare provides assistance for immunocompromised, asthmatic or otherwise at additional risk from COVID-19. You can also access useful resources and advice via their page. Queercare has volunteers nationally and is working on organising folk into more local groups and providing advice. A sign-up form is available here.

Reuse- Freegle is a community reuse organisation in the UK.  We have a lot of kind members across the country and are asking them to indicate whether they can help (or need help) at

created by volunteers for volunteers who decided to take action and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by self-organising into local groups on WhatsApp and Facebook and to find the nearest Mutual Aid volunteer. Volunteer map and sign up form. Positive safe vibes!

Region specific: Exeter.
Exeter Community Wellbeing has been created to assist individuals and community groups to help and support each other during this challenging time.
Online and telephone hotlines are available to gather information from people and organisations who want to offer their help and support to the community response.

Tiny Scots village creates Coronavirus hack that's pure genius

Scottish corner shop gives kits to those in need

List of mutual aid groups in the UK

Coronavirus and community activism in the UK

Can we improve the NHS’s ability to tackle covid-19 through emergency public health interventions?

Drug runners keep medicines moving during lockdown

National access to food and community space

Help them Help us: an initiative to support the physical, mental, and day to day wellbeing of NHS staff across the UK.

🇺🇸USA Existing Support Groups

Listings: #covid19mutualaid GoogleSheet 

🇺🇸🔗List of Mutual Aid Groups in the US
This article provides information about Mutual Aid Groups based in local communities all around the US. 

Submissions: #covid19mutualaid submission form, 

Chicago-  COVID-19 Mutual Aid Volunteer Sign-up

Los Angeles- Ground Game LA Mutual Aid volunteer & needs intake

San Fransisco- How Can I Help? Project Consolidation (Bay Area)

Seattle- Request Help Form 

🇺🇸🔗Duke University Mutual Aid Groups
Duke- This article provides information about a student-led mutual aid group that aims to provide help in the form of food, housing and transportation for members of the Duke community affected by the University’s decision to close campus.
People Powered - #HeretoHelp

A movement to stop the COVID-19 Pandemic. #staythefuckathome

Group of UK tech / product people to support anyone who needs development resources
The best examples of citizens' initiatives on the Covid19 crisis, pre-empting government action, from around the world. In other words, people working together to contain the pandemic and support each other through it. Many of the examples have been pulled out and included in this handbook.

Existing Virtual Communities and Support Groups

Dealing with Coronaviruses and Pandemics Alternatively- Aims to capture/archive alternative community-driven strategies that are inclusive and caring/nurturing to deal with viruses/pandemics

Split into multiple sub-threads: news; preparation and response; Q&A; emotional responses and silver linings; firsthand accounts. Past content archived here:

For a laid back conversation, questions, etc. regarding the COVID-19 outbreak

r/coronavirus- Seeks to monitor the spread of the disease COVID-19, declared a PHEIC by the WHO

r/COVID19- Seeks to facilitate scientific discussion of this potential global public health threat

How-to guides and project ideas have been moved here.