Racial & Ethnic Minorities

Impact on and resources for racial and ethnic minorities

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This page includes information on racial and ethnic minorities affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and resources useful to them and those assisting people in those communities.


Translations are community-based adaptations of the handbook in languages other than English.

πŸ”— https://coronavirustechhandbook.com/translation

General Resources

COVID-19 BAME Resource hub

COVID-19 BAME Resource hub

COVID-19 Racial Equity Government Guide

Guidebook from the Local & Regional Government Alliance on Race & Equity (GARE) supporting governmental institutions in responding to COVID-19 through a racial equity lens.

Virallanguages: Coronavirus Explained in Your Language

We aim to reach marginalized communities and share reliable and memorable information so people know what to do to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Racial Injustice in the COVID-19 Response

This live position paper provides an overview of the risks and impact of COVID-19 on racial inequalities within the UK.

Congress Must Mandate Release of Coronavirus Demographic Dataβ€”Including Race and Ethnicity

Call by Senator Elizabeth Warren and 4 congressional representatives to track race and ethnicity in reporting health data for the COVID-19 pandemic. The Root, a Black news, opinion, politics and culture publication.

If COVID-19 Doesn’t Discriminate, Then Why Are Black People Dying at Higher Rates?

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) advocates for 8 points for racial justice in COVID-19 response. "This disease threatens us all, but it is disproportionately killing Black people. A COVID-19 response must address the pervasive racial injustices at the federal, state, and local level."

The Coronavirus’s Unique Threat to the South

More young people affected in part because "The poor, black, Latino, or rural residents who make up large shares of southern populations tend to lack access to high-quality doctors and care.

COVID-19 and the unequal surge in mortality rates in Massachusetts

Working paper by Harvard researchers analyzing Boston Globe excess mortality data by poverty, household crowding, race/ethnicity,and racialized economic segregation.

US: Vulnerable communities in urgent need of protection from the coronavirus

Doctors without borders serving vulnerable communities in the US in New York City, Puerto Rico, Florida, and among Native American communities in the southwest.

Asian Diaspora

The Hypervisibility of Chinese Bodies in Times of COVID-19 and what it Says about Being British

Article in Discover SocietyΒ by Social Research Publications describing hostility toward the usually "invisible" minority in Britain.

South Asian American

Letters from 6' Away South Asian American experiences during COVID-19

South Asian American Digital Archive are documenting the experiences of South Asian Americans during COVID-19

Black People and People of African Descent

Data and Information Sources on Black People/People of African Descent and COVID-19

A collaborative document on data, resources and information on the global impact of COVID-19 on Black people/people of African descent maintained by Professor Kim Gallon at Purdue University.

Black Doctors and Researchers

βœ‰οΈ @quidditch424
Twitter thread of black doctors/researchers who are working on research or a better understanding of how to address the racial disparity of COVID-19.

Indigenous Communities

Navajo Epidemiology Center Coronavirus Response

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ”— https://navajo-nation-cCoronavirus-response-ndoh-nec.hub.arcgis.com/
This page provides information, maps and resources about the Coronavirus response local the Navajo Nation in the US Southwest.

US Bureau of Indian Affairs Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak

Resources from Department of Interior Agency for American Indians, Indian tribes, and Alaska Natives.

Indian Country Resources: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Resources from nonprofit advocacy organization National Congress of American Indians (NCAI).

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Indigenous communities

The Government of Canada supports First Nations and Inuit communities in preparing for, monitoring and responding to COVID-19.

Our graphs show it: COVID-19 is deeply and disproportionately impacting Indigenous communities

Bar charts and time trends of cases and deaths for native nations and states.

Why it's vital indigenous communities protect their elders from Coronavirus

World Economic Forum piece focused on issues facing indigenous communities in rural Latin America.