Service Design

Practical principles for designing services for responding to Coronavirus

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Principles for Service Design in a Crisis Situation

Introducing the Principles of Equitable Disaster Response

Hard Lessons from Hurricane Irma

Location-Based Data in Crisis Situations

Data relating to the location of infrastructure, resources, and people can have positive and negative applications. In all circumstances, there are potential risks and benefits associated with collecting, aggregating, representing, using, and storing such data. In the context of crises, however, the nature and significance of the risks and benefits will differ from a non-crisis context. The following principles and guidelines aim to fill a gap in ethical guidance for the generation, collection, analysis, dissemination, and use of location-based data in crisis situations.

10 principles for design in a crisis

🔗Design for crisis | workshop agenda & prototype principles
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This document contains 10 principles for designing services in a crisis. They are open for anyone to use and adapt and were generated from a call with 100+ designers around the world on the 22/03/2020 and shared notes.

Open Letter: Contact Tracking and NHSX

"As responsible technologists, we call upon the NHSX leadership and the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care to ensure new technologies used in the suppression of Coronavirus follow ethical best practice"

Design Justice Network Principles


Remote User Research Guides & Toolkits

User Research and COVID-19: crowdsourcing tools and tips for remote research

Enormous toolkit for Planning, Recruitment, Conducting research, Analysis, Communicating research to the team and more.

FUTUREGOV Remote User Research Guide


Remote User Research Tips


Conducting user research while people must stay at home because of Coronavirus


Neontribe, Coronavirus and working with users

🔗User research in a time of COVID

Patterns for services in COVID-19 response mode


Alternatives to face-to-face interviews

Brief summary of experiences with remote user research and links to (academic) sources on remote qualitative research.

Doing (remote) user research for government services in times of COVID-19

From Service Designers in the Government of British Columbia, Canada.

User Groups

Crisis Economy Consumer Testers

Free Fb Group for small businesses & freelancers to test out new services and solicit quick feedback / research from consumers with discretionary income who are volunteering to give rapid feedback 

Digital Service Design Case Studies

Many examples of digital service design

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🔗COVID-19: Digital service delivery for charities

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Building our first chatbot



A collection of resources for people designing for the climate emergency

Design for the human soul

Guidelines from Sacred Design with a focus on community and purpose

Chayn Chatbot

Building Little Window: how we created a chatbot for Chayn