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Crisis Help. Map of helpers
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🔗 find projects that use your skills

🔗 - find volunteer tech talent to work on your project

🇪🇪Estonia Existing Support Groups
If you are a senior citizen or cannot go out for some reason, you can call our hotline and request support. If you are over 18, healthy, and willing to help, you can sign up to get help requests straight to your phone. And if you are a tech-savvy professional, you can use our open source code to set up your own community hotline in 48 hours.

🇫🇷France Existing Support Groups
If you are a healthcare worker (or more generally need to work because you are providing necessary services to fight against the virus) and need help to look after your kids or go grocery shopping, you can ask for help there. If you are between 18-60 and willing to help, you can offer your help& a facebook group/ skill swap between furloughed fundraisers working in charities in the UK - you get matched with a fundraiser who is also furloughed who has the same skillset as you, then you volunteer for each other's charities!

CRM and Databases

🗣[email protected]
Volunteering Metabase- Project to create metadatabase of volunteer offers/client needs to aid discovery and combat fragmentation of volunteer databases and local initiatives.


🎪 Monday, March 23 12:00 - 1:00 pm EST (9:00 am - 10:00 am PST | 17:00 CET)

🇬🇧🔗Open Creative Alliance
🔗Welcome page
An global alliance of creatives, technologists, artists and designers all providing support for valuable projects fighting the pandemic. We collect resource pools for shared access, facilitate mass collaboration and alignment, and promote needed messages widely with the public through a combination of marketing efforts.


Tool that allows volunteers to sign up with their skills. This then creates a pool of volunteers that can be searched by different organisations, based on postcode/skills/DBS status and to contact them. This prevents the same people being contacted more than once but allows people to signup to volunteer with multiple organisations at once. Personalised pages can be created for each Local authority area. Further features being added - see here

South African platform for linking volunteers with needs. Charities can add their needs or activities, and volunteers c vv a either sign up for an existing need or they can create an offer, which listed charities can then respond to. Currently running two campaigns related to Covid-19. One is for any activities specifically related to responding to the epidemic, the other is for virtual volunteering for people looking for something useful to do while in lockdown.

Connects people working at charities with digital experts for a one-hour call. The aim is to help unblock charities when they are stuck, or to help them see the potential of digital.

Zelos - Volunteer Management Tool A fast, friendly and scalable app in which you (as an admin) can create tasks on desktop, and send it straight to your volunteers' smartphones. Free for teams of up to 50 people. Create groups according to skills, location, availability. Request selfies to prove task completion. See who is doing what at all times. You can also reward task completion with points (to increase productivity). It can be used in combination with Trello and a hotline to create crisis hotlines for people at-risk.

ProFinda: enterprise grade tech for very large complex networks or organisations. A ‘command and control’ hub for orgs or networks to improve their people and work coordination. 1) real time workflow matching skills and people to work and projects. A powerful tool for organisations, and/or networks to leverage their people, talent and workload. 2) important data and analytics on hotspots, communication analytics, gap in skills etc.

NYBY - a brilliant, purpose built app based online organizing system to help the public sector to mobilize and coordinate unutilized resources for welfare services at scale. NYBY is already used to coordinate volunteer support in 40 Norwegian and Swedish municipalities, now with a special built corona support channel available for any municipality or organization that needs to match volunteer resources with concrete needs and ensure tasks are taken by the right resources. Ask your municipality or Government to get this, and channel volunteers from other platforms (facebook help groups etc) into it to ensure resources match real needs.

A signup-form to match UK-based tech volunteers with covid-related tech needs.

Drupal based Covid Mutual Aid Management System including Skills matched - We have put together a quick system to help support mutual support groups. It's a system that helps manage people asking for help and connects them to people who are willing to volunteer. It's aimed at helping vulnerable people who are self-isolating and need help with something like picking up a prescription or shopping, etc.

🔗 - Blog description of the tool.
🔗 - Video demonstrating the tool
🔗 - Public gitlab to download source code and contribute.

It is fully open-source and based on Drupal and we are happy to host an instance or work with organisations to put it on their own network if needed. It's web-based. Current focus is for our local MP in Watford to manage the e-mail requests. We are also working on scaling up hosting for lots of smaller facebook groups.

Partnering Health and Data Expertise for COVID-19

🔗CiviCRM Mutual Aid Extension
A new matchmaking and admin extension for Mutual Aid groups built on top of the open source CiviCRM that gives two fully configurable signup forms (needs and offers), then geocodes and matches contacts based on location, skills and needs - and lets you contact and confirm these matches
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