Impact Stories
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  • Radical Engineers has had quite a few people get in touch asking to join as a volunteer because they saw our link in the Tech Communities page. Thank you Ed and Nathan for setting up this invaluable tool! - James Curtis, Co-Founder Radical Engineers

Our Handbook has been used by NHS Researchers to discover new tests.

We have had Medical personnel contributing and using our Handbook.

In our ventillator section we have a discussion between an Indian technichian and an American specialist discussing stretegies to share ventilators.

The Handbook has connnected Ecuadorians with UK doctors to aid in the developing PPE suits which will prevent the transmission of Covid to medical staff treating patients.

The instigation of the building of the Coronavirus Handbook for India

1131 simultaneous contributors!

This user connected with a Standford Innovator to develop sequancing technology.

09.04.20 đŸ‘†

A Coronavirus Guide for HR that was created after seeing the CVTH

A Coronavirus Guide for Social Business and Charities that was created after seeing the CVTH

This user is developing systems for Refugees.

Connected users have shared resources and tools to improve accessibility for people with various sensory disabilities at virtual events. This included sharing experiences of virtual events that use signers or closed captions to enable users with hearing impairments.