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🔗Standing together: What financial support is Government offering workers, freelancers and businesses affected by COVID-19?
financial support for workers and freelancer

This report aims to provide a description of Universal Credit as a digital welfare system and make recommendations for its future development.

The coronavirus pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in many areas of our globalised economy - and that ultimately means people lose their jobs. Tourism, hospitality and events staff have been hit particularly hard initially, relying on freedom to travel, eat and meet together, now being restricted in many countries across the world. Whatever’s going on for you, you’re not alone and there are things you can do.

Data & Analysis

United Nations’ International Labor Organization (March 18) suggests “low” estimate of 5.3 million and “high” estimate of 24.7 million jobs will be lost to COVID-19. Both service and manufacturing workers are affected, as people are spending less money, but the most vulnerable worker groups include: Older people, People with health conditions, Young people, Women, Casual workers, Migrant workers.The ILO recommends countries take action to protect their workers and many are - you can find some early county-by country comparisons in the report. 

Goldman Sachs’ early analysis of the situation in the US forecasts a record 2.5 million unemployment claims this week (March 20).

The Washington Post has just done a series of data visualisations comparing welfare entitlements across the world.

Current Opportunities

🧐Government Benefits Finder

A tool to help people determine if they qualify for government benefits and health insurance.

Freezing Opportunities

Companies freezing hiring

🌏Remote Jobs

This spreadsheet is tracking remote jobs hiring now.

🇬🇧The United Kingdom

Urgent call for people to work on British farms
🇬🇧 🔗https://jobs.coop.co.uk/search-jobs
Co-op- Jobs for the cooperative store - they have announced 5000 additional jobs in their stores for people affected by job losses due to the virus
Jobs for M&S
Jobs for Iceland
Jobs for B&M
Jobs for Asda
Jobs for Aldi
Jobs for Tesco

🇬🇧 🔗https://www.totaljobs.com/jobs/amazon-warehouse?s=header 
Warehouse jobs for amazon
Driver jobs with Deliveroo

Where you can apply for seasonal fruit and veg picking work: 
Berry farm vacancies

Seasonal farm opportunities

Fresh food opportunities

Members of the film community have also come together to generate money for cinema workers across the city. Created March 14, the Cinema Worker Solidarity Fund was established to raise quick, emergency relief for hourly workers affected by the closures.

🇺🇸The United States of America

A jobs board for companies hiring now, join the Slack as well and post in the #hire_me channel