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Turning sleep apnea machines into ventilators.

NEW: Guidance on using anesthesia ventilators safely and effectively as ICU ventilators.

🇬🇧🔗, enge-uk-order-310320/
This is an important consortium of companies working on the Ventilator Challenge in the UK

This group is also being successful at Oxford University/Kings College

This model is proving a very helpful starting point in ventilator efforts: 🔗
MathWorks can arrange license access for people who don't have it already.

GTech has invented a ventilator

Canadian Doctor Rigs Ventilator to Treat Nine Patients Instead of Just One

Leitat presents first medically validated, industrialized 3D printed emergency respiration device

Comprehensive library of resources on ventilators>>> should extract some resources

In Latvia in a 48h hackaton we have managed to design the lightest 3D printed part for Face Shields. In following 48h we have managed decentralised manufacturing on CNC & Laser cutting machines in 3 different cities @shield48eu powered by @Baltic3D

OxVent: could this prototype ventilator save thousands of lives? Ventilator manuals.

Overview of Ventilators

YouTube Videos for Medical Students:
🔗📺Ventilation Explained Clearly - Ventilator Settings & Modes (1/5)
🔗📺Mechanical Ventilation Explained Clearly by | 2 of 5 (2/5)
🔗📺Mechanical Ventilation Explained Clearly by | 3 of 5 (3/5)
🔗📺 (4/5)
🔗📺Mechanical Ventilation Explained Clearly of | 5 of 5 (5/5)ใ
🔗📺Ventilator Pearls Explained Clearly (6/5) 
🔗📺Ventilator Pearls Explained Clearly by | Part 2 (7/5)

Basic information about ventilators,

Blog site for pulmonologist
Care for Critically Ill Patients With COVID-19

Instructions for usage of the ventilator that won the Latvian hackathon


Basic Requirements of the Ventilator Prototype


HAMILTON-C1 Technical Specifications v2.2.x 

Siemens Servo - I Ventilator - Centurion Direct 

MY-E004H-N Hospital Medical Mobile Emergency Equipment ICU Ventilator Machine price 

Open Source Ventilator Projects


Open Source Ventilator
Analysis of Open Source COVID-19 Pandemic Ventilator Projects
@OSVentilator (Twitter)
Open Source Ventilator- An open-source collaborative ventilator project to tackle challenges faced by #covid19

Scientific Review of open source ventilators

3D-Printed Adapter Turns Snorkeling Mask Into a Ventilator (free design downloadable)

Update 2020-03-23: This patented device has just been released, along with some design to fit it to one specific model of snorkelling mask to turn it into a full ventilator system

List of ventilator projects

🇧🇪 🔗
🗣@coronadenktank (Twitter)
Coronadenktank- Een "doetank" die met innovatieve ideeën komt om mensen te helpen en behelpen.

🗣@coronadenktank (Twitter)
An open source project on ways of connecting multiple patients to the same ventilator with more safety, control and monitoring for each patient. Also part of coronadenktank.

Design and Prototyping of a Low-cost Portable Mechanical Ventilator 

GitHub project for a ventilator- YACoVV - Yet Another (SARS-)CoyyV(-2)Ventilator

Medtronic's design files for their ventilator

🇺🇸 🔗
University of Florida Open source ventilator


🇪🇺 🔗 https://www.corovent.euProject details last updated: 26 March 2020, 12pm CET; please excuse screenshot for lack of other quick formatting.

🇬🇧🔗 Project details last updated: 26 March 2020, 12pm CET; please excuse screenshot for lack of other quick formatting.

Open source solution similar to the MIT E-vent. Comes with smartphone app to regulate flow.
Sold at 370 € a piece in The Netherlands but open source so anyone can make these, and cheaper.
Tech schedules available from 31/1/20.


COVID-19 respirator open-source project (German)

🔗 /?
Minimal Universal Respirator


Overview video

Modify/download part (OnShape, requires account): “To build the valve you will need some sort of thread sealant, I use teflon tape; a 35mm ++ M3 Hex Screw with two nuts, a half or third of a bic pen spring, and some sort of gasket material, like a bicycle inner tube, some shpping bags, or best, some sort of squishy silicone sheet.”

v mixing valve

Venturi valve - In Italy, a replacement valve was modeled and printed using 3D Printers for roughly $1 a valve. This was a done to save lives. The technologist who designed the 3D file was threatened with a lawsuit by the manufacturer that normally makes the valves, and thus has refused to share the valve designs with others, despite the desperate need for the valves at other hospitals. More of these valves may be needed outside of Italy, and already are at hospitals outside of Brescia.

Image of the Original Valve

Image of the Printed Valves - Additional Image

Designed 3D Printed replacement extra-ventilator valves for  Venturi Oxygen mask and deployed in Italy

FiO2 mixing valve
Minimal Universal Respirator (Ventilator)

Bag pump

oxyGen open-source project for wooden ambu bag pump

See also: 

Open Calls

Code Life Ventilator Challenge- The $200k challenge to design a 3D printable ventilator for COVID-19 patients everywhere

✉️[email protected] 
DFID’s Frontier Technologies Hub is looking for existing and proven low-cost ventilator technologies from across the globe, especially emerging markets, that can be rapidly adapted to be manufactured in the UK. The winning technology will be adapted for manufacture and use in the UK by a team at UCL’s Institute for Healthcare Engineering with GDI Hub, and will receive a licensing fee.
📢Call for applications: 16 of March 2020 
📄Applications close: 24 of March 2020
🏆Final Selection: 25 of March 2020

CoVent-19 Challenge
CoVent-19 Challenge- An Open Innovation Effort to Design a Rapidly Deployable Mechanical Ventilator

Auburn University creates modification to CPAP for function as a ventilator

Cambridge University Institute for Manufacturing
list of initiatives which manufacturing organisations can support